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Join Brand—an action figure that has come to life—in his fight against the darkness to save his owner, Felix. Nightmares are only the beginning of Brand's troubles. He must uncover the secrets of the house before it's too late!

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Game Infomation

Toy Odyssey is a Metroidvania style action-platformer that takes you back to a world made from the nightmares of your childhood. 

Explore the entire house, combat chaos, and save other toys in the battle against evil. Amass a huge arsenal and upgrade any item you find. Build the ultimate bedroom fortress to keep the darkness at bay and unravel the house's mysterious past! 

- A skillful mix of classic Platforming and roguelike gameplay, with randomly-generated levels. 
- Hundreds of weapon and item upgrades -- crafted from everything you find around the house. 
- More than 300 type of enemies -- each with distinct behaviors, in keeping with the toys they once were. 
- 7 Terrifying Bosses in their own dreadful lairs. 
- Rescue friendly toy and gather material to build and defend your base.

Toy Odyssey honors the experience of games from the ‘80s and ‘90s, without the 8-bit graphics and sound. We’ve combined platformer gameplay mechanics with a modern aesthetic that is still faithful to a "retro" look and feel. All the elements (characters, creatures, environments, objects, and music) come together to create a vivid picture reminiscent of the games many of us grew up playing. 

Toy Odyssey is being developed for PC and Mac and is set to launch of the summer 2016.