A wholesome minimalist puzzle game about an amnesiac painter piecing himself back together through his childhood mementos.

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Pixel of Memory is a minimalist pixel puzzle that hopes to bring the innocent joy of nostalgia to the lost and stressed generation. Leave the world jammed with noises and oversaturation. Explore the dreamy life of an amnesiac painter named “404”, who is piecing himself back together by mending his childhood mementos. 

Five rooms represent five stages of life that 404 has experienced. Each contains different puzzles that require logic and imagination to place each pixel into its designated place. Unravel a compelling and relatable story of an artist’s mind.


We, a small group of artists and game developers, who have spent the last decade working in the industry, have reached a point where sometimes we feel a lack of the sparks in our work. When everything we used to be passionate about turns into tasks that need to be done, we know that it’s time to slow down and ask why we love making video games in the first place. 
This has sparked the idea of developing a puzzle game about the self-discovery journey, in which we can bring joy not only to all the gamers out there but to ourselves as well. The game’s prototype was started in June 2023. After three months, the game demo is finished. The full version is set to be released during Q4 2023.

Key Features
🖍  Relaxing retro pixel puzzles 
🖍  A heartfelt story of self-discovery and hope
🖍  Nostalgic environment and music

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Release 17/01/2024
Genre Puzzle
Platform Steam
OS Windows

Artwork - Screenshots

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